Building a network of wedding suppliers can be a great way to expand your business. In this post you can learn how to build a network of wedding suppliers. Creating a wedding network can provide referral opportunities, you can learn from other suppliers in the industry and and provide your clients with recommended suppliers for their big day.

Here are some steps you can take to build a network of wedding suppliers

1. Identify potential suppliers

Make a list of potential wedding suppliers in your area, such as wedding planners, photographers, florists, caterers, and venues etc. You can use tools like instagram and facebook to find suitable suppliers that are aligned with your niche, and then reach out to them. It’s not good practice to cold message them, so you should start to engage with them by liking and commenting on their content.

Within the Wed Link platform you can also search for suppliers by searching the suppliers name or location. Here are the steps for finding wedding suppliers with the Wed Link platform:

Click on the search Icon on the Wed Link dashboard

Select one of the two search options: By name or user handle tool or by Location or Role tool.

How to use the quick search by Name and Handle Tool

Using the search by name or user handle tool is very simple. Just start typing the users name or handle and you will start to see the results appear below the search field. This tool is great when you know that persons details and you want to see if they are on Wed Link and want to connect with them. If they are found by the search tool then you can view all their business contact information and reach out to them on socials or by linking with them on Wed Link.

If they don’t appear then invite them to join your Wed Link network.

How to use the advanced search by location or role tool

This tool is great for finding suppliers within your local area. Simply select the supplier role, the location and region. Once you have made your selection just click search. All the available Wed Link suppliers will be shown. From here you can view all their business contact information, and reach out to them on socials, or by linking with them on Wed Link.

If they don’t appear then invite them to join your Wed Link network.

Within the Wed Link platform you have smart groups that help you organise your suppliers, so once you have reached out to a supplier you can connect with them on Wed Link to add them to your supplier network. You can even create an unlimited number of custom smart groups, allowing you to export suppliers and create embeddable supplier pages on your own website.

2. Research their work

You should always do some research on those that you want to connect with. Although it’s great to have lots of connection in your Wed Link network, it’s actually better to have a more focused micro community of local wedding suppliers. A focused group will really help you to source the right opportunities for your wedding business niche. You should review their work by looking at their website and social media profiles. Check that they align with your goals and style. This is really important because having your values aligned means that you are more likely to build a better network that will lead to more referral opportunities.

3. Reaching out to wedding suppliers

Once you’ve identified potential suppliers and reviewed their work, you can reach out to them via email, phone or messaging or in person. Introduce yourself, and explain where you are within your business and why you are contacting them. Let them know how you found them and ask if they would be interested in collaborating or need assistance with upcoming wedding events.

Most wedding suppliers are open to a little wedding day assistance, and are also open to helping those that are just starting out in the wedding business. Don’t be put off by reaching out, it’s actually a compliment to receive a message from similar that like your work. So don’t be shy about this step.

Reaching out by email and messaging can be a little cold so, the best method is to attend local networking events. Look at your local venues and ask if they are hosting any supplier networking events. Turn up and be seen, suppliers are there to meet up and talk so join in. Always listen and contribute as this will make sure your are taken seriously. And finally, always have a way of leaving your information and then follow up after you have spoken with them.

A final point to make is that this is also a perfect opportunity to get in to the venue and be seen as a recommended supplier 😉

4. Arrange to meet in person

If possible, schedule an in person meet-up with each supplier. An in person meet-up over a coffee is the easiest way of really getting to know someone as this will give you a chance to discuss how you can work together. Once each of you can properly put a face to the name the doors will start to open for new opportunities. This is where the real networking begins. You have broken down any barriers and got to understand each others business. If you meeting goes well this is the perfect time to link with each other on Wed Link.

How to use Wed Link to link with another wedding supplier

Your Wed Link account features an eCard with all your details such as social media profiles and custom links. The eCard also features a QR Code that links directly to your profile on Wed Link. Simply tap the QR Code icon to enlarge, and then ask the person wishing to connect with you to scan the QR code with their phone camera. Like magic, this will then present your profile on their phone. From here they can click on the connect icon to make a connection request.

5. Create your network of wedding suppliers

Once you’ve established relationships with suppliers, you need to create your network. As described above, all your suppliers are smartly organised in to groups so you can find them at a later stage. By creating your network you can refer clients to each other for new opportunities. The Wed Link platform allows you to share and manage your opportunities.

6. Promoting your network

It’s a good idea to promote your recommended wedding suppliers. By promoting each other you can grow your business even more, opening the doors to further opportunities. Newly engaged couples will be able to see who you work with and that you are active, this builds trust from potential clients and everyone gets to benefit from a potential booking enquiry.

Make sure your clients know about your network of recommended wedding suppliers. This could be through your website, social media profiles, or by including information in your contracts and other materials.

On Wed Link you can export a custom group or suppliers and embed this on your own website. Simply click on the embed icon to grab the code block for your website. You can also export the same list as an excel file to place other suppler profiles with in your website blogs.


Remember, building a network of wedding suppliers takes time and effort. But by working together, you can create a network that benefits everyone involved and provides your clients with a memorable and stress-free wedding experience.

Create your account on Wed Link to start organising your supplier network.