Most wedding suppliers tend to meet each other for the first time while working at a wedding. The couple will hire lots of suppliers and you won’t always have their information until quite near to the actual wedding day. Sometimes the couple never sends each of the suppliers details, even if you request it prior to the wedding day.

A typical scenario for when you might exchange details with someone would be when you are working at a venue and you get a chance to say hello to another supplier, it’s always good practice to say hi to the other wedding professionals as this is the best starting point for building your networking relationships.

It has become common practice for suppliers to swap instagram accounts (and we still encourage you to do this) but in most cases you end up exchanging details but never follow up on that contact. We find that you become just another follower for each others account which doesn’t help you to actually build a network or lead to any referral opportunities!

I have actually exchanged details before and then said “Oh I already follow you”. I had already worked with them and never built any relationship with them! Embarrassing!

Also, what about all their other contact details like Website, Email, Facebook and TikTok etc, are you going to ask for each one during a busy wedding day? Having this information is crucial for your post-wedding blog post. You could contact the couple after the wedding and ask for each of their suppliers information, but that’s just not professional and they are probably on Honeymoon or too busy to get that information to you in good time.

So, how does Wed Link help solve this?

We have designed the main connecting method for the Wed Link app to be as simple as possible and we recognise that in most cases you are on-the-go at a wedding, and this is where you will probably want to connect with another wedding supplier.

Wed Link profiles are designed with a “mobile-first” approach so every Wed Link account has a mobile ready profile page that has a few features to help you connect. Now, the only caveat is that you would both need to have a Wed Link account, all connecting accounts are 100% free. This is no different from having any other social media account (Wed Link is not a social media platform!).

The mobile profile page acts as an eBusiness Card and has all of your business and social media links in one place where you can connect, share your details and other Wed Link members details that you are already connected with.

Overview of your Wed Link eCard

Wed Link eCard

Getting connected with other users

Let’s do some role play! Let’s pretend that you are a photographer and you meet a videographer whilst working at a wedding, the photographer says “Hey, nice to meet you, I am always looking for videographers to refer to couples, would you like to share details?” videographer says, “yes, that would be great, here are my details”…

This is quite a detailed write up but in practice it’s super quick.

  • Open your Wed Link profile eBusiness Card (Wed Link eCard) and tap the QRCode, the QRCode will enlarge making it easier to scan.
  • Ask the videographer to scan the QRCode with their mobile phone camera.
  • Your Wed Link eCard will now appear on the videographers device.
  • Now ask the videographer to click on the connect button, this will instigate the process and ask them to add a note of where you first met each other, this feature is really handy so you know exactly where your connection requests came from!
  • If the videographer doesn’t have a Wed Link account, ask them to sign up as it’s free and quick to register.
  • Once the videographer is signed in the connection process with resume and you, the photographer will receive and email notification about the connection request.

Accept or Remove requests

We know time is critical during the day so once the videographer initiates the request you can complete the rest of the process back in your office, so when you are back home login to the Wed Link account and click on the Wed Link Requests Icon.

Wed Link Request Notification
Accept or Remove connection request
  • You will see you have a connection request, click on the videographers details and accept the connection!
  • You are both connected! Also notice that the videographer is automatically organised within your Videographer smart folder!

So, now you have connected and shared each others details, started to build your relationship and you have all their contact details organised in one location. How cool is that?

If you decide to look for a videographer in the future, then all you have to do is go to your videographer folder and view the contacts details, furthermore if you want to offer a work opportunity to all your videographers then you can post a private opportunity to the entire videographer smart group, sit back and see who’s free!