In this article you will learn how to edit your Wed Link Profile. The profile overview section provides a snapshot of your profile and is where you can edit your profile details, such as address, password, and profile image. The profile page also has more options to customise supplier roles, locations and social media links.


Editing your Wed Link profile image

Your profile image is shown on your Wed Link eCard and your supplier listing. People like to buy from people so we encourage you to add a photo of yourself, this also validates your profile because people will remember your face after you might have met whilst working together at a wedding.

  • Either click on your profile image or on the text that says ‘Change profile image’.
  • Navigate your local storage and choose a profile image to upload.
  • The image must be less than 3mb and between 500×500 and 2000×2000 pixels. For best results we suggest that you upload an image with a 1:1 aspect ratio (square) with your face in the middle of the image.
  • When you click the ‘Save Profile’ button, your image will be saved.
  • If for some reason the upload fails, please try again.

Editing your Wed Link profile information

Your profile has a basic set of editable details and these are all publicly viewable on your Wed Link eCard and Supplier listing, you can edit the following items but if you do not want any of these items not show (except required items), simply leave them blank.

  • First and last names (Required)
  • Username (Required)
  • Telephone and Mobile contact numbers
  • Email (Required)
  • Website address (Required)
  • Bio (200 max characters)

More Wed Link Profile Options

This section of the profile adds addition features to your profile.


Business name and address

This is where you will enter the name of your business such as “Mrs Bakers Cakes” or “Amy’s Hair & Make Up”.

Update Your Password

If you need to change your password this is the place to do it.


In the locations section you can define up to 3 geographical areas that your business operates within. Having up to 3 locations extends you’re reach for new automatic opportunities. Note: You cannot change your primary role.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

Here’s how to add more locations.

  • Select your country from the drop down menu
  • In the section below a list of areas will now show for that country.
  • Choose an area followed by ‘Add Location’.
  • You location will be added to your pool of locations in the section titled ‘Selected Locations”.
  • To save your locations, click ‘Save Locations’.

Supplier/Vendor Roles

This is where you can add up to 3 supplier roles, the roles feature allows you to reach more opportunities.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

Here’s how to add more supplier roles.

  • Click in to the section titled ‘Add more roles”.
  • From the drop down list add each role in turn.
  • Once you have made your selection, click the ‘Save Roles’ button.

Manage Wed Link Profile Social Links

This is where you can add all your social media profile links, these will be visible on your Wed Link eCard and your supplier listing. Please leave blank if you do not want to share a social media profile.


We will be adding the ability to add more links to your profile but at this stage we allow the most popular social media accounts as detailed below.

Note that these are just placeholders for your links and we do not require and connection to your actual social media account.

Default Profile Links – Updated links feature to follow

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok