So, the shorter answer to “Should I collaborate with all Wedding Suppliers that I meet?” is definite No. but read on for a little more information about this and why you should NOT collaborate with all Wedding Suppliers.

Whilst its great to think of having a huge network of wedding suppliers as a good thing, it’s actually better to focus on a micro-community of wedding suppliers. It is very important that you network with wedding suppliers that match your style as this will yield the best possible chance of sourcing new opportunities, such as referrals and collaborations.

How will you know they are right?

When sourcing a wedding supplier for your network, It’s best to think about the supplier in more detail before you bring them in to your network.

Here are few things to think about:

  • Will they clash with your values?
  • Do they offer something that you don’t?
  • Does their style match with yours?

You should be able to bond with them naturally and if this is not the case then maybe they are not the best fit for your business. Remember that business relationships should be mutually beneficial so that everyone grows. It should not be a one-sided affair, as those that always take will eventually be left behind or forgotten about when the big opportunities arise.

But what if I like a wedding supplier but they are not right for my business?

This happens all the time and it’s really good to differentiate business relationships and friends who also have wedding businesses. So, there’s nothing wrong with having a subset of suppliers that are not your ideal match because although they are not right for your business they will be for another wedding supplier or couple, so you can be a decent person and pass on their details.

Also, it’s good to evaluate your business from time to time as your styles and beliefs will change of the course of your career. So those that might not be 100% right now, might be in the future. So always keep an open mind to who you connect with.

What to do if you keep getting asked to join a group that not a good fit for your wedding business?

This will happen from time to time as people will want to connect with you. It’s best not to just cut them off as they maybe helpful in the future, but be polite and let them know that you have checked out their work and will keep the details for future opportunities. It’s up to you to manage these requests and within the Wed Link platform you can create custom groups to store such contacts for later use.


Building relationships and collaborating is a real game changer for your business, but use your best judgement about bringing someone in to your wedding supplier network. The right connections and mutual relationships will really help you to grow your business through referrals and collaboration opportunities.