This topic aims to provide an overview of the Wed Link Dashboard and some of the platform features. Take a look at the diagram below for a quick insight to the platform and you can read more details about each section below.

Wed Link User Dashboard

Profile Overview

The profile overview section provides a snapshot of your profile and is where you can edit your profile details, such as address, password, and profile image. When you click to the “edit profile’ section you are also presented with more options to customise and setup your profile such as:

  • Defining up to 3 of your supplier roles. Some suppliers perform more than one role, for example a photographer might also do videography and be a drone operator, or a make up artist may also be a hair dresser. The more roles the more opportunities.
  • Define up to 3 locations. We know that most suppliers cover more than one area, so you can choose additional locations which again means more opportunities.
  • Social links can also be defined here, these are some of the links that will show on your Wed Link eCard and performance analytics.


This is where all your opportunities will automatically appear. Opportunities become available to you based on your profile settings or privately from members of your network. You will be notified via email as soon as they are posted by Wed Link members.

Message Centre

Messages are focused on each opportunity and are private to each person responding. When you are in conversation with a user, all your messages will appear in the message centre. A “New” notification flag will also appear so you know there’s a new message.

Note: Opportunity responders can only message once the person who created the opportunity has decided to reach out to them, this means that when you share an opportunity you are not over whelmed with messages, it puts you in control and means that you can focus on the people you want to learn more about and ask questions before assigning an opportunity.


Your profile analytics section details the performance of your Wed Link eCard with a basic performance overview. When you click on to the analytics section you will be able to monitor which profile links are performing the best, and where your profile is being viewed. Lots more analytics features will be added as we develop the platform further.


When a Wed Link member requests to connect with you, you will receive an email notification. On the dashboard you will notice the number of current requests that have been made. You can click on this notification number to view the details of the request, you will also be informed about how you how you know each other. From here you can choose to accept or reject the connection. Once connected you will be able to share private opportunities with each other. Their contact details will also be saved under the smart groups folder for that suppliers industry role.


This is where all of your suppliers will be listed. Smart groups organise your network and the suppliers list is a convenient way of seeing your network in a list format. You can also add members to your own groups or remove connections from your network.

Smart Groups

As mentioned above, Smart Groups is where you organise your network. Smart Groups automatically puts each supplier in to the correct folder based on their wedding industry role. So if you need to find a photographer, cake maker or DJ, just go to your Smart groups and there they all are! Smart Groups also allows you to build your own groups. Say you wanted to create a group of favourites or a private list for a styled shoot, you can add them to their own group and send them a private opportunity. Your group members can also respond and tell you if they are available or not. You can also message each member individually about specifics that only they need to know about.

Shared Opportunities

This is where all opportunities are stored once you have posted them either privately or publicly. This section shows you a list of recent opportunities and you can also see the status and responses to your shared opportunities. The ‘opportunity’ column will allow you to edit the listing and the responses column allows you to manage individual responses, share messages, approve or remove those that have or have not responded to your shared opportunity.

Create Opportunities

This is the place to share an opportunity either privately to your groups or publicly across the wider network of members looking for opportunities to work. You can create opportunities in one of three ways.

  1. Public opportunity – These are shared across the Wed Link network and is where you would reach out to members looking for opportunities.
  2. Private opportunity – This is where you might post opportunities to a specific group within your smart groups.
  3. Direct opportunity – This is where you might send a direct 1-2-1 opportunity to someone in your network.


This page provides a quick overview of the user dashboard. We will build upon specific areas and go in to more detail throughout this help guide.